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Cash Flow Management

Banque Misr Paris is the correspondent of banking establishments wishing to be represented in Europe. It carries out all standard banking operations on instructions received by SWIFT or authenticated Telex.

The Banks and Correspondents Service, set up in 1984, is staffed by Egyptian and French experts. It fully responds to the needs and demands of our clients, especially with regards to transfer and repatriation operations in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) geographical zone, in Europe and France.

These delicate operations require specific skills, rapid execution, extensive knowledge of the field and very attractive tarifs.

Thanks to its experience, Banque Misr Paris is the only banking establishment for all transactions between Egypt and the rest of the world.

Cash Flow Management Charter

The place occupied by Egypt in this part of the world gives us a crucial role in all operations involving the MENA zone.

  In our role as correspondent we protect the interests of your clients.

  Our experience in successfully handling all kinds of operations, deemed legal and justified, is recognised.

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