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Securities and Guarantees

Banque Misr Paris can, under certain conditions, issue Guarantees. A Bank Guarantee is a written commitment given by a bank to pay a given amount in case of default.

At Banque Misr Paris our mission is to:

  Issue guarantees for transactions between Egypt and a European country.
  Assist banks in their business relations between Egypt, Europe and France, in an advisory capacity.

Thanks to our wide experience and knowledge of the local economy and to an extended local network, we re able to advise and accompany the banks in all their transactions.

Our team of Egyptian and French specialists offer their expertise in all situations requiring rapid execution and an extensive knowledge of the field for a successful outcome.

By working closely with the banking establishments which have become our clients, we have contributed to the development and the intensification of trade between Egypt, Europe and France.

Security Charter

Our objective is to help you succeed by setting up a partnership between our two banking establishments.

  The special relation we have with our parent company, Egypt's leading bank, gives us a perfect knowledge of the local economic situation.

  Confidentiality is an essential part of our operations and it is a principle we value.

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