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Documentary Credits

The Documentary Credits operations are governed by the 'Rules and Uniform Usances Relating to Documentary Credits'. These laws, decreed by the International Chamber of Commerce, are regularly revised and updated.

Documentary Credit, while minimising risks, guarantees the payment of the debt. It is a written commitment taken by the bank on behalf of its client, whether buyer or contractor, to pay the amount to the vendor or beneficiary, within a prescribed period of time and on the presentation of the stipulated documents.

Since 1984, Banque Misr Paris aimed at participating to the development of international trade between Egypt, Europe and France.

Thanks to its team of Egyptian and French specialists the bank can handle all situations requiring a high level of expertise, rapid execution, a solid knowledge of the field and to follow up all clients' projects, whether small or large.

We have taken part in the financing of the Cairo subway, the construction of hotels to develop the tourist sector, the acquisition of large aircraft for the national Egyptian airline and in importing food products.

Documentary Credit Charter

The privileged relation we have with our parent company, Egypt's leading bank, give us a perfect knowledge of the local economic fabric.

  Our expertise in handling complex projects and projects with specific clauses is recognised.

  Confidentiality is very important to our operations and we adhere strictly by this rule.

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