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Factoring is a way to finance exports very similar to selling accounts receivable. This type of financing offers Egyptian export companies, the possibility of transferring their accounts receivable to a factoring company in return for the payment of a commission corresponding to the payment conditions and to the risk of insolvency. The factor will then become the owner of the debt and is responsible for its recovery and the risk involved.

Banque Misr through its Euromisr Export System offer, provides Egyptian exporters with a competitive tool:

  Modern and well adapted financing solutions,
  Payment conditions in line with Egyptian practices,
  Guarantees against default.

Banque Misr Paris participates in the development of international trade between Egypt, Europe and France, with the help of specialists who enjoy a solid reputation and who are able to handle all situations requiring an extensive knowledge of the local economy and total expertise.

Our experience in the forfaiting field can alleviate treasury pressure on Export Companies, whatever their size or their sector of activity.

Factoring Charter

Say Egypt and we will always find a solution adapted to your needs.

  Our expertise and our knowledge of the local economy make us the leader in this field.

  Our flexibility and great adaptability allow us to work with large and small entities alike.

  Confidentiality, Loyalty and Professionalism are the key words when dealing with our clients.

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