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Discount and Forfait

Discount is a way of financing exports. It is an operation by which the bank, against a form of payment (interest or commission), finances the beneficiary of an unmatured change bill.

At Banque Misr Paris we deal with discount in two ways:

  Discount bills related to letters of credits when these are domiciled at our office,
  Discount in connection with the financing of exports on the Primary and Secondary forfait market.

Thanks to its experienced team of Egyptian and French experts, Banque Misr Paris participates in the development of International trade between Egypt, Europe and France. They can handle any situation requiring expertise and a good knowledge of the local economic situation.

With our experience in the field of discount, we have helped improve treasury management at export companies whatever their size, their legal status or activity sector as long as their field of activity remains in Egypt.

Discount Charter

Say Egypt and we will find the answer to your problems.

  Our expertise, together with our knowledge of the local economic fabric (our parent company is Egypt's leading bank) are objective elements that put us at the forefront of the market.

  Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to work with large groups or consortiums, private or public or with smaller size entities.

  Confidentiality is very important to our operations and we strictly adhere by its rule.

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