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Securities and Guarantees

Banque Misr Paris can issue securities and guarantees. A surety or surety bond is a commitment by the banking establishment to the main lender to pay the debt should the borrower default. A bank's Guarantee is a written promise by a bank to pay a prescribed amount should the conditions suspensive to the contract's completion not materialise.

Our mission at Banque Misr Paris is to:

  Create for each client an environment favourable for the development of its business flows,
  Accompany our clients in their business relations between Egypt, Europe and France.

To begin with, we help companies increase their flow of transactions by putting at their disposal a range of tools that help them develop, like securities and guarantees whose scope is limited to international trade.

Then, thanks to our experience, our extensive knowledge of the local economic fabric and our large network, we advise and help companies in each of their project.

With a strong team of Egyptian and French experts, we can respond to all situations requiring expertise, rapid execution and a good knowledge of the environment and accompany our clients in their projects, whatever their size.

Thanks to our experience in the field of Securities and Guarantees, we have contributed to the development and the intensification of commercial flows between Egypt, Europe and France by working with companies of different sizes, legal status and nationalities as long as their field of activity remains limited totally or partly to Egypt.

Security and Guarantee Charter

Our objective is to optimise areas of competence and let you concentrate on the commercial aspect.

  The special relation we have with our parent company, Egypt's leading bank, give us a perfect knowledge of the local economic field.

  Our expertise in handling all kinds of business, complex or simple, is widely recognised.

  Our experience in handling confidential business guarantees the safe handling of all your operations.

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